Signs of a travel Addict

Signs of a travel Adict

My signs of being a travel addict :

1) My list of places to visit goes on for 5 pages

2) If someone tells me I have to travel only and not come home I may agree (sorry Anurag)

3) I go to work only to earn money to travel

4) Every month I buy all the travel Magazines to know about new places

5) My next trip and the following 5 trips are all planned in my head

6) I go to makemytrip website at least once a day

7) Google maps is my next favourite thing to know distances from one location to another

8)  If I don’t shop for 10 years I am absolutely fine with it, but if someone tells me I cant travel in the next three months, I think I may go crazy. (exaggeration, may be true 😉 )

9) I can travel absolutely alone if the opportunity comes for travelling I don’t need company

10) luxury is not important for me for travelling I want to cover more places than siting in a resorts pool

My feet are already itchy and my bags desperately waiting to be removed from the loft to get packed 🙂

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Chapora Fort, Goa – The Dil Chahta Hai Fort

Chapora Fort, Goa – The Dil Chahta Hai Fort

Chapora remains a perfect vantage point for gazing at the sea as the waves gently nudge the shore in silent harmony. A short, uphill walk leads to the walls of the fort, where the three friends from Dil Chahta Hai stood in companionable silence, whilst facing the countenance of the sea that stretches out in front of their eyes in its splendid expanse; an excellent setting for taking time off from the rest of the world and letting yourself get lost in the arms of nature and history.
Goa gives you space to be alone and to party hard its your choice which way you want to go.

“Twenty years f…

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover”. ~ ~ ~ Mark Twain

I have no regrets with anything in my life till date, the good made me laugh and the bad taught me for tomorrow.

I want to enjoy the path more than the destination

People will always be more important than things


Shudh Desi Romance : A thought after seeing the Movie

So yesterday I saw this movie, I did not enjoy it a lot frankly but the movie had a lot of things that the now generation is doing and not only in metros but is many parts of India and it is time for others to accept it than keep talking about it and wasting time.

In fact  when the pictures of Shahid kapoor and kareena kapoor where online of them kissing, instead of denying it, if they had said they are in a relationship and kissing happens that would have been a more natural response.

The fact that this movie shows sex as the natural transition from kiss to love to sex is simple, some people may find it uncomfortable, but most relations go through the same process.

There are moments in the movie when we are forced to look down on the heroine as she has had many boyfriends and has had an abortion. But let’s think is there anything to look down on, we meet different people in life, sometimes its hits of well other times its goes bad. It happens in friends, office colleagues, then why not in boyfriends. A couple should not stay with each other because they have to they should be together because they want to. No societal norm, customs, religion is over a person’s happiness.

 Live-in relations, so simple but yet not accepted around, in a recent article in the newspaper talked about divorces that are happening due to simple reason like, “the boys toilet habits” “ the girls fizzy hair” , these reasons may seem silly but if it can’t be accepted or the opposite person can’t change then something is fundamentally wrong with the relationship. Separation does not happen due to small things it normally those small reasons used as alibies to run away.

So I say 3 cheers to the movie just for telling the world that livein, sex, kiss is all not such a great issue it happens when someone is or is not in love in today’s world so just deal with it.


The Nomads of Uttarakand

The Nomads of Uttarakand

Sadhu – At Manas Village:
I had gone to Uttarakands’ Valley of Flowers, Hemkund Saheb, trek last year. It was the most beautiful and un-forgetful experience of my life. In the recent natural calamity many people lost theirs lives, the government has no idea of the numbers yet. Based on the missing complains the govt will reach to some conclusion. But there were many nomads that we crossed in these areas no one must have filed their missing complain so these people have just vanished from Mother Earth without anybody knowing or caring. My heart felt condolence to all people known and unknown who are missing in this tragedy.

Bhutan – The Land of the Thunder Dragon

IMG_0229In my journey to travel the whole world, Bhutan had yet not come in my to do list. But absolutely no regrets, it is an unspoilt kingdom nestled in the eastern part of the Himalayas where culture and traditional lifestyle is still intact.

As there is no direct flight from Mumbai we routed the journey via Kolkata, DRUK-AIR (Royal Bhutan Airlines) is the national carrier of the Royal Government of Bhutan and the only airline officially allowed to fly into Bhutan. When the announcement came from the cockpit to prepare for landing I could swear that the wings of the plane were going to touch the mountain sides as we descended into the Valley of Paro. I soon realized that it was the least of my worries as puts it so cunningly ” There are only two emotions in a plane boredom and terror” and it was the latter that filled my being when I saw what must be the shortest airstrip in the world. I braced myself for one of those “have you been shot down or fallen from the sky” landings but the jet touched down on the runway with the same grace and poise.

Our Base in Bhutan was the capital – Thimphu, as we drove from Paro to Thimphu our Guide told us about the friendly relations India shares with Bhutan due to which an Indian can enter Bhutan even without a passport and there is no daily allowance policy like it has for most of the other country citizens.

Monasteries, temples and religious monuments are dotted across the landscape, bearing witness to the importance of Buddhism, while red-robed monks are everywhere, mingling freely in towns, villages and markets. Most of the population continue to live in small, isolated farms and hamlets, surrounded by terraced fields of rice and cereal crops. The general approach to life is more relaxed. It is rare to see Bhutanese nationals in Western dress, men wear a knee length, hand-woven robe called the “kho”¦ and women wear an ankle length garment called the “kira”¦, which is made from fine, hand-woven fabric, for which Bhutan is well known.

A trip to Bhutan normally begins and ends in Paro. As we disembarked from our flight the first thing that struck us was the very distinctive architectural style reflected in all of the buildings, unlike anything we had seen before. Willow trees line the main road from the airport to Paro town and a pleasant peace fills the air and from the high places bright coloured flags flutter in the wind sending out their prayers on windhorses. Paro is host to the national museum and the oldest dzongs in Bhutan.

Tiger’s Nest, a few kilometres outside of Paro town, is an absolute must for all visitors. The hike on foot to the monastery takes about 3 hours up hill and around 2 hours downhill, this may vary. It is said the Guru Rinpoche arrived in Paro Valley more than a millennium ago on the back of a legendary tigress. He meditated in a cave for 3 months and a monastery was later built called Tigers nest or Taktshang Lhakang.

Punakha another city, 2 hours’ drive from Thimphu is the winter capital of Bhutan, it houses the second oldest monestary, Punakha Dzong. The Dzong is located at the confluence of the Pho Chhu (father) and Mo Chhu (mother) rivers in the Punakha–Wangdue valley.

Bhutan was different than any place I have seen till date, it had a young, fresh, clean, with very spicy food. Being so close to India it had very little resemblance to our country. The people are religious yet modern in many aspects.

Bhutan has many adventure options, especially treks, so that is one agenda in my mind for the future, as of now made friends for life and with the help of them lived the Bhutanese way for 7 days.




So after coming back from Imagica which has just opened 100Kms from Mumbai near khopoli many people asked me how was it. So here is what I felt about the place.

I went there on a weekday, purposely not actually it was my second wedding anniversary and I did not want to go for boring dinners and lunch or absolutely did not want to enter the mall. I agree it was mid May summers in its prime and I was taking a big heat stroke risk. But what is life without some unpredictability. So we left at around 10.30 and had our breakfast at the famous panvel mcdonalds.

We reached there at around 12.30 and from far we could see the big roller coaster. After paying a whopping 1200 per person 3 times more than esselworld we were inside. Ok here I have to mention I did goof up a little I carried my dslr without the memory card, yet I must tell u it was with me the whole time outside all rides waiting for me patiently . J

Ok little bit about the park now, it is kind of divided into two parts, one having shows, 3d , shooting train rides, and the other with rides. Here I must say that the big roller coaster that I saw from far was actually not complete and so were many other shows. So I felt cheated, but I ignored that feeling and continued with my first show.

And if u think I was the only fool taking the heat stroke risk you were wrong there were many more along with me, so I had to wait outside the first show called “i for INDIA” for 30 minutes and then when they took us inside they made us wait for more 20 minutes seeing some pre show explaining how they have shot this film. Basically it was a film on various tourist spots of india from a helicopter.

I liked this show but I saw the child besides me getting restless and he expected some swings and all which were missing and then he asked his sister what exactly are we seeing.

Then we went to the best show called “ Mr.India”, but here too we waited for around 15 minutes, and then we had the same pre show concept, which begins with a short animated clip in which the characters from the Hindi film, Arun, fruity headgear-wearing Seema and their robotic monkey Toota Phoota meet Mogambo after years. Mogambo immediately takes their kids hostage and whisks them off to Imagica. The price of their lives is Arun’s invisibility bracelet. The ride involves getting into a car that rises, dips and swerves in tandem with the film being shown on a large screen in which Arun and company chase Mogambo all around Imagica.

Ok next we did Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr followed by a movie Prince of the Dark Waters in the Dome Theater which was a nice place to take the much needed afternoon nap.

Then suddenly there was a rush as a new ride had opened just when we were there called “ wrath of gods”, a good concept, but had a technical snag in between due to which we had to leave the place and enter again after 15 minutes.

So now we had finished the shows had nice lunch and we waited for the sun to go and the evening breeze to begun, to start the second part of the adventure the rides. At the end of the day there were some dance shows and lazer show.

My overall experience to be frank was good I had decided to enjoy my day and I did. But with so many rides yet to open, the waiting outside of rides and the cost did not justify itself. I would recommend going only on a weekday and waiting for a month or two so that you can enjoy all the rides.