On the eve of my birthday I want to write about my favorite thing – Travel. I want to consider myself as a wanderer who goes there sees things, explore places, talks to unknown people, and make friends with strangers. When I travel I am alone yet with many, my pace changes, my thinking becomes more rooted.

Travelling has been a thing encouraged by my mom and aunt since long, I remember going for a 16 day trip to Rajasthan by bus with my grandparents and aunt. My grand moms lap was my cushion for all those days. Jaisalmer is the place I loved, though we were there only for some hours, it was a stopover for dinner, yet the beauty of sand and the camel ride on the sand dunes made those hours more exciting.

Another trip was to north, we went by a group called southern travels with all South Indian people and we hardly understood them. That was my first trip to a very cold place; I did not remove my white sweater for 6 days and it was May. I saw the Taj Mahal during the same time and people did not enjoy that place because of the heat and I wanted to shut them up, as for me I was seeing one of the Wonder of the World I did not care about the heat.

My aunt has been quiet pivotal in instilling this quality in me, we were once planning a trip to Hyderabad and Orissa, 2 states in around 10 days, and shashi (my aunt) had organized everything from train bookings to hotels and everything was so perfect and in those days we did not have the internet to just click and pay, many calls were required to get all this done, and she was just perfect. En route to Bhubaneswar station we  suddenly planned to go to Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary,  got down at the earlier station and saw the most beautiful & different birds.

So by my Graduation years I had seen a lot of India, and now the carving to get my passport stamped. So one fine day my school friend (Saba) was telling me about how she is going to Singapore for 2 months, as her bhabi is doing a culinary course there. And I shamelessly asked her can I come for some days. Sweetly she agreed, I was off to my first international trip with Tasneem. And as my aunt put it I was the first lady to cross the Indian borders in my family so I was all smiling. Singapore was different grandeur. Saba showed us how to travel and off we were with the map seeing all the places. We were staying at Pasir Ris and there was a park for kids there, I went there on my last evening in Singapore and became a child, the basic swings and slopes were so different that I think I played more than the kids there.  

Goa appears in my travel calendar at least once in a year my ancestors were from “Ajgaon” in Swanatwadi district, so my parents went back to their roots to take blessings from our home god. Before Konkan railways going to goa and then coming backwards was a better mode of transport so frequent trips of Goa have always been on the cards. Goa is a relaxing place it gives me freedom to wear what I want, ride the two wheeler, party, sleep on the beach, drink and eat delicious fish.

Though my abode is Ganpatiphule (near Ratnagiri), I feel that place gives me direction, some universal energy runs and connects us. Wish to make that my second home someday.

Dubai & Coorg are places I went as a married woman; I have not changed a bit even after the ring in my hand. Being in the tallest building of the world to doing adventure sports on my honeymoon my madness shall continue.

What followed next was even a little unexpected for me too, an all by myself trek to the Himalayas, to planning in 2 days, shopping last moment,  rescheduling flights last moment, no return tickets. Still I was ready to go, jump and see if I fall. I was going to trek from Govindghat to Valley of flowers,  Hemkund sahib, Yashodhara falls, Mana Village , Badrinath, 64 Kms of walk, 2000 kms away from home, with strangers who became good friends, to unknown supporters who kept telling us only some more steps, beauty beyond imagination, snow clad mountains, river flowing rapidly, mist, calm cold lake, temple, Gurudwara, unseen flowers, guide who just knew all, barefeet pilgrims who had faith their desires would come true.


I believe my travels around India and some places abroad have made who I am today and I wish to continue my wandering…. To far places and I wish to write about them in this space, so look out I will come back with a nice vacation soon.


Amitabh bachchan’s Birthday

So today is my birtdhay, in addition there are many poeple in this world whose birthday falls on the same day but one person who the world remembers is Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.

I have no other connection with him except this day, but somehow that is enough to make me smile. To like him since i saw him in Jadugar, Shahesnshah etc etc

Whenever till date if anybody asks me when is my birthday i proudly say 11th oct and tell them it is the same day you will find all papers filled with Mr. Bachchan’s photos so you will remember.

I use to stay in Santacruz very close to his house, and i remember one birthday my dad told me we have to go to his house as he is meeting all the people whose birthdays are today. But as we reached his house a little late that day the cermony was over, thats what my dad told me and instead took me for an ice cream.

So today for no reason but yet one reason, I wish Mr. Amitabh Bachchan Happy Birthday along with Countless others.