Bon Appetite

I know very little about cooking, very little, but today two things have probably encouraged me to write this blog,  one making pizza after coming home (yes of read made sauce)  and second watching the movie Julie and Julia.

I am a pure non vegetarian but my lovely husband is a pure vegetarian so ones before we got married  I decided to make lunch for him at my friend’s house, below is that recipe that I cooked for him thou now he is thoroughly bored of this recipe as I have cooked it many times now

I love making it, still..

First recipe Vegetable pasta with white sauce


1)      Olive oil

2)      Butter

3)      1 cup milk

4)      3 spoons of mayonnaise

5)      4 pods of garlic

6)      6 peppercorns

7)        ¼ kg pasta of your choice, I normally use penne

8)      2 small onions

9)      1 tomato

10)   1 green capsicum

11)   1 yellow capsicum

12)   1 red capsicum

13)   6 mushrooms

14)   4 baby corns

15)   ¼ American corn boiled

16)   Salt to taste, oregano and chili flakes

17)   And if u can get hold of Italian seasoning (by Catch )

Take 2 big vessels, in one vessel put water and the pasta, 1 table spoon of olive oil and a spoon of salt, and put to boil, this takes time so just let it boil on one gas flame.

In the second vessel put 3 spoons of olive oil, next put the crushed garlic, and then the peppercorns. Follow it with onions, cut the tomatoes and capsicum in straight cut pieces, and put them all in the pot, then all the remaining vegetables, now close the pot and wait for the vegetables to cook, please ensure the flame is slow.

This takes time and really brings the flavor to the dish, now after you are sure the vegetables are cooking put 2 table spoon of butter, half cup milk and 2 table spoons of mayonnaise, if you want more white sauce, you can add the other half cup milk and one more spoon of mayo.

Till this time your pasta would be ready, so strain the water and keep it aside.

Now add 1 table spoon of oregano, and 1 table spoon of chili flakes to the mix of vegetables, and the Italian seasoning. Now add the pasta to the mix, and taste the sauce, if you wish to make it spicier you can add extra chili flakes or oregano as per your taste buds.

Now the pasta is all ready to eat, hope you like it

Second recipe: Mushroom stuffed spinach

With this pasta I normally cook a side dish with mushrooms and spinach. Easy to make and fast to cook

Take one bunch of spinach, boil it and cut it, now take a packet of mushrooms keep them in a micro able tray, throw the bottom stick of the mushroom and fill the spinach in the mushroom, now put some olive oil on the mushrooms, some oregano and crushed / grated garlic, before putting the plate in the micro add grated cheese on top, now keep the tray in the oven for 3 minutes.

Serve the pasta and mushroom wholesome veg fatty dinner is ready. Ensure you eat this hot.