So after coming back from Imagica which has just opened 100Kms from Mumbai near khopoli many people asked me how was it. So here is what I felt about the place.

I went there on a weekday, purposely not actually it was my second wedding anniversary and I did not want to go for boring dinners and lunch or absolutely did not want to enter the mall. I agree it was mid May summers in its prime and I was taking a big heat stroke risk. But what is life without some unpredictability. So we left at around 10.30 and had our breakfast at the famous panvel mcdonalds.

We reached there at around 12.30 and from far we could see the big roller coaster. After paying a whopping 1200 per person 3 times more than esselworld we were inside. Ok here I have to mention I did goof up a little I carried my dslr without the memory card, yet I must tell u it was with me the whole time outside all rides waiting for me patiently . J

Ok little bit about the park now, it is kind of divided into two parts, one having shows, 3d , shooting train rides, and the other with rides. Here I must say that the big roller coaster that I saw from far was actually not complete and so were many other shows. So I felt cheated, but I ignored that feeling and continued with my first show.

And if u think I was the only fool taking the heat stroke risk you were wrong there were many more along with me, so I had to wait outside the first show called “i for INDIA” for 30 minutes and then when they took us inside they made us wait for more 20 minutes seeing some pre show explaining how they have shot this film. Basically it was a film on various tourist spots of india from a helicopter.

I liked this show but I saw the child besides me getting restless and he expected some swings and all which were missing and then he asked his sister what exactly are we seeing.

Then we went to the best show called “ Mr.India”, but here too we waited for around 15 minutes, and then we had the same pre show concept, which begins with a short animated clip in which the characters from the Hindi film, Arun, fruity headgear-wearing Seema and their robotic monkey Toota Phoota meet Mogambo after years. Mogambo immediately takes their kids hostage and whisks them off to Imagica. The price of their lives is Arun’s invisibility bracelet. The ride involves getting into a car that rises, dips and swerves in tandem with the film being shown on a large screen in which Arun and company chase Mogambo all around Imagica.

Ok next we did Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr followed by a movie Prince of the Dark Waters in the Dome Theater which was a nice place to take the much needed afternoon nap.

Then suddenly there was a rush as a new ride had opened just when we were there called “ wrath of gods”, a good concept, but had a technical snag in between due to which we had to leave the place and enter again after 15 minutes.

So now we had finished the shows had nice lunch and we waited for the sun to go and the evening breeze to begun, to start the second part of the adventure the rides. At the end of the day there were some dance shows and lazer show.

My overall experience to be frank was good I had decided to enjoy my day and I did. But with so many rides yet to open, the waiting outside of rides and the cost did not justify itself. I would recommend going only on a weekday and waiting for a month or two so that you can enjoy all the rides.


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