Shudh Desi Romance : A thought after seeing the Movie

So yesterday I saw this movie, I did not enjoy it a lot frankly but the movie had a lot of things that the now generation is doing and not only in metros but is many parts of India and it is time for others to accept it than keep talking about it and wasting time.

In fact  when the pictures of Shahid kapoor and kareena kapoor where online of them kissing, instead of denying it, if they had said they are in a relationship and kissing happens that would have been a more natural response.

The fact that this movie shows sex as the natural transition from kiss to love to sex is simple, some people may find it uncomfortable, but most relations go through the same process.

There are moments in the movie when we are forced to look down on the heroine as she has had many boyfriends and has had an abortion. But let’s think is there anything to look down on, we meet different people in life, sometimes its hits of well other times its goes bad. It happens in friends, office colleagues, then why not in boyfriends. A couple should not stay with each other because they have to they should be together because they want to. No societal norm, customs, religion is over a person’s happiness.

 Live-in relations, so simple but yet not accepted around, in a recent article in the newspaper talked about divorces that are happening due to simple reason like, “the boys toilet habits” “ the girls fizzy hair” , these reasons may seem silly but if it can’t be accepted or the opposite person can’t change then something is fundamentally wrong with the relationship. Separation does not happen due to small things it normally those small reasons used as alibies to run away.

So I say 3 cheers to the movie just for telling the world that livein, sex, kiss is all not such a great issue it happens when someone is or is not in love in today’s world so just deal with it.



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