Signs of a travel Addict

Signs of a travel Adict

My signs of being a travel addict :

1) My list of places to visit goes on for 5 pages

2) If someone tells me I have to travel only and not come home I may agree (sorry Anurag)

3) I go to work only to earn money to travel

4) Every month I buy all the travel Magazines to know about new places

5) My next trip and the following 5 trips are all planned in my head

6) I go to makemytrip website at least once a day

7) Google maps is my next favourite thing to know distances from one location to another

8)  If I don’t shop for 10 years I am absolutely fine with it, but if someone tells me I cant travel in the next three months, I think I may go crazy. (exaggeration, may be true 😉 )

9) I can travel absolutely alone if the opportunity comes for travelling I don’t need company

10) luxury is not important for me for travelling I want to cover more places than siting in a resorts pool

My feet are already itchy and my bags desperately waiting to be removed from the loft to get packed 🙂

P.S: click on the title to make meaning of my word in this post. 🙂






One thought on “Signs of a travel Addict

  1. Awesome… everyone loves traveling but in your case, its more of a hobby than a just a break. Happy traveling; more the merrier 😀

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